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The main objective of the DESUR project is to share knowledge across regions to improve policies, instruments and methodologies to promote responsible innovation in SMEs so that they contribute to increasing sustainability. Other objectives are:
  • Exchange knowledge on best practices and experiences between the partners to replicate the identified models that have been successful in another region.
  • Contribute to bridge the existing gap in the level of development of sustainability policies for SMEs from more experienced countries (sources of knowledge) to those less advanced (recipients of knowledge).
  • Train staff members in promoting business eco-innovation, particularly aimed at SMEs as active agents in the future of the region.
  • Capitalize on the knowledge available in public policies for environmental and human sustainability in SMEs by integrating it in a single concept of SME eco-innovation. This concept is defined as any innovation resulting in the prevention or the reduction of environmental impacts, impacts on the natural environment as well as social and economic impacts.
  • Identify, classify and understand the main needs of SMEs in sustainability, allowing for improvement in the policies aimed at them.
  • Learn to use effective and efficient public resources to promote sustainability.
  • Disseminate the results to enable learning beyond the duration of the project and beyond the geographical scope of the regions involved.
  • Contribute to achieving the European and national targets in the future design of policies for sustainable development of SMEs in the regions involved.
  • Establish links between partners that enable collaboration and knowledge sharing (networking) for the duration of the project and beyond.