Site Visits, Extremadura – SPAIN

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28th February and 1st March 2013  


This office emerges at the University of Extremadura by the hand of the current Rector, Mr Segundo Píriz Durán, who incorporated in his electoral program a priority line based on social commitment, with the intention of developing a series of actions to strengthen relations between the university and the society. In this commitment the University Social Responsibility occupies a very important place, considering it a key element of management. The University of Extremadura, as a higher education institution, is aware that social responsibility should be an intrinsic part of the duty it has with the society and the other actors of interest. Working with the objective of being socially responsible means that the institution must adopt a series of policies and management systems in the three areas that make up the triple perspectives: economic, social and environmental. It deals with the consequences of business / university activity to society in general, demanding that all of these are beneficial to that and help to facilitate a path of progress culminating in the general welfare SR COMMITMENT AT UEx UNIVERSITY
  • To introduce the economic, social and environmental values in teaching, research, management and social extension at the University
  • To promote a comprehensive education based on social values and the respect to the needs and human rights
  • To promote an excellent research in the same sense
  • To conduct a management, at all levels, under the principles of a social responsible action
  • To serve the interests and expectations of all groups of interest
  • The promotion of the culture of Social Responsibility at the University
  • The promotion of Social Responsibility actions in the academic field
  • Work out Social Responsibility report
  • Motivating the measurement of the satisfaction annual degree of stakeholders
  • To follow up on Social Responsibility actions
  • Achieve a voluntary contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement
  • Improve the competitive position of the UEx
  • Being a university in which fundamental personal rights are respected
  • Being a socially responsible and transparent University


EUROLIMPIEZAS opens for business in 1993 hiring a worker. At the end of that year there were 14 the people working. Today they have a staff of 180 workers of which 18 are workers with disabilities. The service offered covers the integral care of both private and public spaces, creating a concept of total prevention of dirt in offices, public schools and communities. All products used are biodegradable as well as meet specific current legislation. One of the signs of identity of Eurolimpiezas is that depending on the activity of each client and premises where our services are offered, quality controls are made according to the needs and particularities of that service. Eurolimpiezas was the first company in Extremadura certified by AENOR as socially responsible. Regarding CSR, they have and internal part, by supporting people to reconcile family and professional life, and an external one, by supporting the most disadvantaged and the environmental care (using and promoting ecological products and tools). Furthermore, they have created "Eurolimpiezas Foundation" which actively cooperates with Extremadura soup kitchens, parishes and marginalized areas of the region, providing food and other basic necessities. They have three main Objectives regarding CSR:
  •  Take care of People, by means of:
    • Training and development of professional careers
    • Conciliation of work and personal life
    • Special employment Center
  • Create healthy spaces:
    • Prevention of risk at the work place
  • Be environmentally friendly, carrying out the following actions:
    • Using ecological products
    • Recycling of paper, batteries, toners…
    • Tree planting


The Association of Cooperatives of Extremadura, ACOREX, S.C.L. began in 1985 as a cooperative project under the need of a joint action by a group of farmers, characterized by the necessity of obtaining a standardized agricultural production. In its 2nd year of life ACOREX already had 25 member cooperatives and, today, is the 1st field company in Extremadura integrating the work of 42 cooperatives. Since the beginning, ACOREX emphasized in the need of the Excellence as a business philosophy, with the ultimate goal of serving competitive products of the highest quality together with getting excellent traceability conditions. One of its aims is to achieve strict quality and safety requirements in food processing as warranty of their products. ACOREX Group maintains a high commitment and respect for the environment, not only in the industrial activity, but also in the administrative areas and in terms of their cooperative partner, aware of the great challenge that this means nowadays. Its main product lines are:
  • Fertilizer, seed, feed, irrigation, fruit and fresh vegetables.
  • Under the brand Guadiala they have an assortment of food products made with friendly production techniques with the natural cycles of plants and animals.
  • Desierra presents under this new brand products with a very recognized quality. Among these it can be highlighted the Iberian pork products, fresh and cured.
ACOREX Group maintains a high commitment and respect for the environment, not only in the industrial activity, but also in the administrative areas and in terms of their cooperative partner, aware of the great challenge that this means nowadays:
  • Water treatment plant
  • Packaging recycling
  • Waste treatment in all their factories
They have a deep control of raw products, from the field through factories till consumers:
  • Control of authorized products by a “production technician” in all their production plants
  • Prevention of risk at the work place
  • Occupational Health
On the other hand, they guarantee and increase the quality of life of agricultors and farmers within their rural areas. In 2011 they received an award for being socially responsible in the economic aspect (national level).  


Red Calea is a professional group, motivated and committed to the values inherent to agro-ecology. They offer different integrated services, all relating to agro-ecology. Their objective is to expand and strengthen the role of agro-ecology in rural areas, as a tool to achieve true sustainable development, from a local perspective and under the criteria of social ecologism. They are a team that from the north of Extremadura works with public administrations, enterprises and social organizations through collaborative networks that have been created with people who share their values and project ideas. Red Calea works in the following areas:
  • Production and Commercialization of Organic Food
  • Engineering Area
  • Advice and Training Area
  • International Cooperation Area
Their objective is to expand and strengthen the role of agro-ecology in rural areas, as a tool to achieve true sustainable development, from a local perspective and under the criteria of social ecologism. Some of the actions carried out in this field are:
  • CO2 emission control
  • Reduction of waste, water consumption, pollutant emissions
  • Recyclability of products and packaging
  • They have developed and Impact/Monitoring System in order to control all consumption and production processes within the company
  • Tree planting
  • Collaborate with a seeds savers network
  • Work in the preservation of unique livestock species in the Iberian Peninsula
They belong to the Network of Alternative and Solidarity Economy of Extremadura   and Being environmentally friendly is one of their must.  


Placentina Driving School is a family business founded in the sixties that have 30 professionals on staff: monitors, drivers, professors as driving instructors, administrative and other technicians; along with many other external partners, tried to be self-sufficient and using the latest technologies, editing their own manuals, presentations, computer programs, original designs, learning platform and other teaching resources. Placentina Group is divided into different departments: driving school, school of machinery, e-learning, academy of competitions and school of safety emergencies, disasters and environment. They pretend to cover the entire range of training on industrial safety. Regarding the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR, they propose the idea of the company as an institution with responsibilities that go well beyond their strictly economic duties.  Under this concept of administration and management encompasses a set of practices, strategies and business management systems that seek a new balance between the economic, social and environmental. Some of the actions carried out by AUTOESCUELA PLACENTINA in the CSR field are:
  • Different measures related to life balance
  • Equality Plan
  • Protocol to potential bullying situations
  • Babysitting Service
  • Courses for the integration of women in their activity sector
  • Special service to disabled people care
  • Adapted installations in order to become a more secure areas following security standards
  • General training to the staff in CSR techniques
  • Extension of the maternity leave in a week
  • Extension of the paternity leave in a week
  • Satisfaction Questionnaires for their staff
  • Promotion of energy saving practices among their staff and clients