Site Visits, Zasavje Region – SLOVENIA

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18th and 19th December 2012  

Zagorje ob Savi municipality

Zagorje ob Savi is a town and a municipality in central Slovenia. It is located in the valley of Medija Creek, a minor left-bank tributary of the Sava River, 52 km east of Ljubljana, 36 km southwest of Celje, and 6 km west of Trbovlje. The entire municipality is now included in the Zasavje region. The town is home to about 7,000 people and the population of the municipality is about 17,000. Over the last few years, the municipality has paid special attention to the ecological rehabilitation of public buildings. In the frame of these activities they opened a research unit OLEA in Zagorje ob Savi in August 2011, whose purpose is to promote the development of renewable energy sources in cities such as Zasavje, which have been under impact of mining activities in the past.  

Engineering bureau Pirnar and Savšek

The company Pirnar and Savšek offers integral 3-D computer-supported technologies specialized engineering services, contribute to technically advanced solutions at the development of machines and at structure building. In this way, their intention is to exceed customers expectations on the field of technically advanced and economically efficient solutions and on the field of machinery and equipment and also construction of facilities. Besides that, they provide well-trained staff. Above all, they encourage them to be innovative and initiative. In terms of work, their corporate social responsibility is shown by introducing new technologies, protecting the environment and taking care for the development of strategic partnership relations with employees and customers. In addition, the company is also very active in the field of charity.  

Bartec Varnost - development and production of explosion protected electrical devices

The company Bartec Varnost is one of the leading European companies in the field of development and production of explosion protected electrical devices. Their corporate social responsibility is shown by protecting people and the environment by the safety of components, systems and plants. All of their products and activities fulfill the required European standards. They provide products and services to companies in the petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, machinery and equipment manufacturers, and mining industry. With their own development and innovative solutions they continuously improve their products and meet new market requirements. The company has also certificate as healthy company, which means that they bear a responsibility for their employees.  

Sešlar agro-touristic farmhouse and Medical herb garden Cvetka

Agro-touristic farmhouse Sešlar is located in Izlake. They are oriented to organic farming and production of cheese brand Demeter, which is characterized by high content of vital energies. Visitors can see whole farm, buildings and bio-dynamics equipment, cheese factory, cheese making presentation, etc. They organize short and long lectures. By the end visitors can taste cheese, cottage cheese, whey and various spreads (cottage cheese with wild garlic, cinnamon, walnuts). In the medical herb garden Cvetka herbs are grown completely organically, with composted manure, so there is no over-utilization of land. People supported with expertise in the care and education and processing of herbal and aromatic plants taking care for garden and herbs. They accepts different groups of visitors to whom is offered guided tour of the garden, answering on their questions and feasting with homemade juices and herbal cakes. Visitors can purchase their products in the garden. They also offer garden themed tours for different age groups of visitors.  

Dewesoft company

Dewesoft is a company that unites computing experts, electrical engineering experts and mechanical engineering experts. They produce cutting-edge software and hardware solutions in the field of transportation, automotive, aerospace, energy and engineering industry. They got the Golden Gazelle award for the fastest growing company in Slovenia in 2012. Their corporate social responsibility is shown by creating many new jobs, innovative solutions and environmental protection. The company also takes care of their employees, they are characterized by the fact that they act as a team. They also contribute to the home region as a charitable company.  

Glass factory Hrastnik

Glass factory Hrastnik is engaged in producing glassware in different program areas - table glass products program, container glass products program and production and processing of lighting glass program and also manufacturing various handmade glass products. Their corporate social responsibility is shown by protection of the environment and with innovative and dynamic business group of world-renowned glass engineers, who share a passion for the development and production of the elegant, fashionable and customized glass products and solutions.