The Corporate Social Responsibility culture – Organized Session within the 16th International Music Conference in Kozani European Project DESUR – Developing Sustainable Regions through Responsible SMEs

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DESUR (Developing Sustainable Regions through Responsible SMEs) is a European Project co-financed by the Project INTERREG IVC.

A responsible company operates based on the three pillars of sustainable development: Profit, People and Planet. Without economic benefit (income), it is not possible to perform actions on the other axis. Without staff / partners with incentives (people), a company will be less successful. Without caring about the environment (planet) is not possible for a company to achieve results. There is a fourth pillar equally important to be taken into account by SMEs: culture, traditions and history of a place, without which there is no tomorrow!

 DESUR Project examines the difficulties that SMEs face during the integration of CSR in their business model, and the ways / methods to highlight their CSR actions. SMEs often lack the resources and the necessary awareness for the adoption of sustainable practices such as: respect for the natural environment, removing barriers and inequalities, lifelong learning, increasing productivity, efficient use of resources, improving the life quality of employees, supporting culture and art at local level, preservation of traditions and customs.

On Wednesday 20th August 2014, the Corporate Social Responsibility and its role in promoting culture and art at local level will be examined.

Culture is an integral and inescapable part of the identity of a place and the same should be for businesses in the area. In addition to the products and services, businesses need to export our culture, and the characteristics of our region such as hospitality, traditions and customs. In order to accomplish this, companies should embrace the culture and its ambassadors at local level.

In order to participate in the discussion, you are invited to attend the 16th International Music Conference in Kozani which takes place at the Archaeological Museum of Aiani at 5 p. m.


  1. "The music notation as an economic activity" – Katerina Kyratsou

  2. "Creative Platform for Social Innovation" – Panos Remoundos

  3. "Social economy and culture. Expectations and examples" – Efstathios Karkantonis

  4. "Corporate Social Responsibility culture – Presentation of DESUR Project" – Dimitris Kouras