The Regional Development Fund of Western Macedonia presents DESUR Project at the 3rd Regular Congress of the World Council of Epirotes Abroad

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On Friday July 25th 2014, the partners of DESUR Project from Region of Western Macedonia represented the Regional Development Fund and the Project DESUR at the 3rd Regular Congress of the World Council of Epirotes Abroad, held in Ioannina. DESUR partners carried out a presentation regarding the Project and its actions.

The Newsletters, the Leaflet of Good Practices and the Benchmarking Report were distributed to the participants along with the Agenda and the folder of the Congress.

The Congress started with the Bureau Election, which was followed by speakers’ presentations. The speakers of the Conference were mainly from business and academic sectors, and talked about themes such as openness for the development of Greek economy, entrepreneurship in Greece, signs of the recovery of entrepreneurship and Greek Technological Science Parks, constraints and prospects.

Mr. Nikolaos Ntavos presented DESUR Project, and spoke about the actions carried out, the initiatives taken and the obtained results. Specifically, Mr. Ntavos, conducted a brief description of the Project, stating that its goal is the development of sustainable regions through responsible SMEs. He then described the partnership from 7 European regions participating. In the Project’s framework, during the two years of its implementation, several Study Visits, meetings, Staff Exchanges and events were organized. Mr. Ntavos described the Study Visits to companies of Western Macedonia in April 2013, where all the partners had the opportunity to be guided in the companies and learn about their actions on Corporate Social Responsibility. He also talked about the Staff Exchange held in April 2014, when a delegation from Ireland, Lithuania and Italy visited the Region of Western Macedonia, in order to transfer the good practices already identified in their countries, to local SMEs .


DESUR Project was chosen together with the Scientific and Technological Park of Epirus, to represent Greece at the European Enterprise Awards 2014, after the evaluation of the proposals by the competent committee.

Ms. Eleftheria Vasioti, Head of the Delegation of the World Council Epirotes in Greece and Public Relations Manager of the Scientific and Technological Park of Epirus, presented the proposal selected for the European Enterprise Awards 2014.

After the presentations a discussion was carried out, during which participants asked questions about DESUR Project, good practices identified during its implementation and the participation in the European Enterprise Awards.