DESUR Event about the Social Corporate Responsibility in SMEs of the Region of Western Macedonia was successfully held

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The event ‘The Corporate Social Responsibility in SMEs of Western Macedonia’ was successfully held in the City Hall of Servia – Velvendos Municipality, on June 25th 2014. The event was organized by the Regional Development Fund of Western Macedonia, in cooperation with the Association of Volunteers Blood Donors of Servia – Velvendos, in the framework of DESUR Project. The European Project DESUR aims at the Development of Sustainable Regions through Responsible SMEs.

The attendants in the event were informed about Corporate Social Responsibility and the ways that it affects and improves the businesses’ functions, and consequently the communities in which they operate.

The partners of DESUR Project in Western Macedonia talked about the actions that have taken place in the Region by the Regional Development Fund during the 2 years of the project’s implementation.

Several SMEs and institutions of Western Macedonia cooperated under DESUR, and in the framework of the Project several meetings, staff exchanges and informative events took place. The actions about sustainable development, environmental management and their contribution to local communities were presented during the event.

The attendants were also informed about the actions of the Association of Volunteers Blood Donors of Servia – Velvendos, the importance of the existence of voluntary organizations, and how volunteerism has to be promoted to all citizens and especially to children.

The presentations were followed by an interactive discussion among attendees on how local businesses can apply principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and the benefits to be gained from doing so. Also the attendees discussed the ways that enterprises can support and help these local organizations through CSR policies, with direct positive impact on local communities.

The event was attended by citizens, entrepreneurs, representatives of local government, as well as by the new Mayor of Servia – Velventos, Mr Kosmatopoulos.

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