Meeting of DESUR Project in Western Macedonia

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The meeting of DESUR Project in Western Macedonia on the 2nd and 3rd of April was completed with great success. Project partners from Italy, Ireland and Lithuania had the chance to visit companies of the region and to conduct discussions with entrepreneurship bodies. The purpose of the meeting was the transfer of good practices and the creation of possible collaborations. The meeting started from Domain Karanika in Amynteo. Domaine Karanika works in harmony with the nature in order to protect people’s health and the environment, while producing the finest quality wine. Karanika works the vineyards in a traditional and organic way with some elements of biodynamics. This means that there is no use of synthetic fertilisers nor aggressive chemical pesticides. meeting_kozani_1 The next Study Visit was at Alpha Estate. Alpha Estate emphasizes in the respect to the environment, combined with high quality and deeply eco-friendly growing practices and the typicity of the produced wines are possible with the implementation of mild, sustainable integrated viticulture and winemaking practices, based on the most recent international standards. Managing the winery is simplified by applying a totally integrated building management system at all levels, from the winery process to the machinery and mechanical functions. meeting_kozani_2 The partners then visited the Processing Unit Naoumidis, where they had the chance to see the laboratory of the production of pepper of Florina, and they were informed about the actions regarding its promoting. meeting_kozani_3 The next meeting was with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Florina, Mr, Sapalidis, who presented the initiative ‘Go Florina – Go Preveza’, for the promotion of local companies. The Chamber of Florina, together with the Chamber of Preveza, decided to create a card which offers incentives and attractive offerings in these 2 regions. This cooperation card gives the chance to its owner to have reduced prices in accommodations in these regions, as well as in local products. This card is distributed for free also to citizens of other regions, who can have a discount of 30-40% in accommodation, and 10% in local products. meeting_kozani_4 The Agricultural Cooperative of bean producers ‘Pelekanos’ was the next Study Visit. It aims in the promotion of the local product in the Region. The Cooperative applies an Integrated Management System in order to have high quality products. Prespa beans are grown following a system of modern agricultural practice with respect towards the environment. During the second day of the meeting, partners visited the University of Western Macedonia, where they had the chance to discuss with Associate Professor and Head of the Management of Technology Research Lab (MATER), Mr. Bakouros, for issues regarding entrepreneurship and innovation. Mr. Bakouros presented the sustainable practices that University uses. A very important issue discussed was also the creation of possible cooperation between the University of Western Macedonia and the University of Kaunas. The next meeting was held at the Development Company of Western Macedonia (ANKO). DESUR partners presented to the representatives of the Region of Western Macedonia, of the Chamber of Commerce of Kozani, and of ANKO, the good practices that are implemented in their countries, in a round table discussion. They also discussed about the possibility of transferring these practices to Cooperatives and Institutions of the region. meeting_kozani_5 The last meeting was held in the Company Pitenis Bros S.A., where the partners where guided through all the stages of the production. Pitenis Company emphasizes in the high quality of products. The company’s key policy is the use of natural products. The company also implements a Total Quality Management System on production, packing and distribution of the products. All the processes are eco-friendly, in order to protect the local environment (biological treatment of waste, photovoltaic system, recycling). meeting_kozani_6 The Region of Western Macedonia and the Regional Development Fund, which is responsible for the implementation of European Projects, will promote CSR in local SMEs, in the framework of DESUR Project. Moreover, it will highlight the Good Practices that are already implemented by some local SMEs, transferring in the same time the best practices identified from other European Regions during DESUR Project.