DESUR project held an international conference in Brussels after more than two years of interregional collaboration on CSR

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The Committee of the Regions of the European capital welcomed on Tuesday 27 May an international conference to present the results of DESUR project, after more than two years of interregional collaboration in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility with companies, government agencies and academic field of 7 EU countries. desur-closing-conference DESUR project (Abbreviation for Developing Regions through Sustainable Responsible SMEs), comes to its end after a work that has served to recognize and transfer to other countries those good practices identified by the European partners participating in this European project. Thus, during the course of the project, partners from Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, and Spain have worked on developing responsible European regions, fostering collaboration and exchange of experiences between the different territories participating in DESUR for a strong and sustainable economic development. Following the recent presentation of a CSR manual, freely available to businesses, with the knowledge and best practices identified during the course of the project, Brussels was the venue for the celebration of a great event to publicize the project results to a large number of actors from academia, business and public administration. Belonging to the Interregional Cooperation Programme INTERREG IVC of the European Union, DESUR project is funded by nearly 80% with funds from Europe, and its final conference has served to highlight at a European framework many good practices identified in the productive network, with the work of several SME´s in technological processes with low environmental impact, promotion of social benefits and efficient management of resources. A WEBSITE FOR BUSINESSES WANTING TO IMPLEMENT CSR MEASURES Companies can consult on all the work developed under the project, information that can help boosting overall growth between different European regions in the field of CSR, purpose that meets the objectives which the Union European faces for 2020 to create a sustainable and inclusive economy through activities at local or regional level. This digital window to the European landscape of CSR also combines the work done in study visits to different countries participating in DESUR, plus newsletters, benchmarking analysis and multimedia information easily accessible.