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The Regional Development Fund encourages the SME’s in Western Macedonia to participate in Corporate Responsibility Excellence and highlight their actions


Corporate Responsibility Excellence is an institution that highlights companies’ efforts to contribute actively to the development of new and responsible business. It was established in 2000 by the Hellenic Advertisers Association, which is the first association to establish corporate social contribution awards. Corporate Responsibility Excellence aims to encourage and reward companies that have developed and […]

FUNDECYT-PCTEX looks for good practices on CSR to be transferred to Extremadura in Bolognia, Italy


FUNDECYT-PCTEX experts has visited companies and organizations in the framework of the DESUR Project, that promotes the responsible innovation among SMEs in cooperation with six European regions. DESUR Project members, from Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Lithuania, Greece, Slovenia and Extremadura, represented by FUNDECYT-PCTEX organized the last Study Visit of the project carried out in the city […]

The South West Regional Authority (SWRA) is working to improve the sustainability of SMEs by encouraging them to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices, through the development of a new guide aimed at SMEs


The South West Regional Authority (SWRA) is working to improve the sustainability of SMEs by encouraging them to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices, through the development of a new guide aimed at SMEs.  The guide, developed in conjunction with Chambers Ireland, entitled ‘The Sustainability Factor’ highlights a number of accessible ways that SMEs […]

Kaunas University of Tecnology (Lithuania) host the VI Study Visit of the DESUR Project


PCTEX FUNDECYT as leader of DESUR presented to Political Authorities and Lithuanian companies the objectives and the results obtained so far within the framework of the project During the last 26th and 27th of June 2013 the DESUR project partners, whose main objective is to improve regional policies and promote responsible innovation in SMEs, have […]

FUNDECYT-PCTEX participates with the European Project DESUR in a Conference on the importance of CSR


Last June 11th 2013, FUNDECYT- Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Extremadura participated in the event “CSR, Competitiveness Paradigm in the XXI Century” organized by Adecco Foundation and with the collaboration of the Regional Government of Extremadura through its Employment, Enterprise and Innovation Ministry. During the meeting it was highlighted the weight CSR is gaining not […]



SMART EUROPE, a project financed within Interreg IVC programme and based on the fruitful cooperation of 13 partners representing 11 European countries, is based on the concept that smart and targeted regional policies and interventions can be designed to boost the employment in innovation-based sectors. The 17th and 18th April 2013, hosted by Avila County Council in Avila,  partners, […]

Socialiai atsakingos Graikijos Vakarų Makedonijos regiono įmonės


Balandžio 3-4 d. Graikijos Vakarų Makedonijos regione įvyko projekto “DESUR” partnerių susitikimas, kurio pagrindinis tikslas buvo aplankyti įmones, socialiai atsakingais veiksmais prisidedančias prie darnaus regiono vystymosi. Susitikimo metu projekto partneriai iš Airijos, Ispanijos, Italijos, Lietuvos, Slovėnijos ir Graikijos aplankė 7 įmones trijuose Vakarų Makedonijos rajonuose (Kozani, Grevena ir Kastoria). Įmonės pristatė savo produktus, gamybą, eksportą, […]

Meeting in Kozani 3-5 of April


The meeting of the DESUR project at the Region of Western Macedonia was successfully completed. The partners of the project coming from 6 European Regions, had the chance to visit 7 SMEs of the Region, and learn about the high quality characteristics of their products, the vertical integration of production by controlling their suppliers and […]

FUNDECYT-PCTEx takes part in Brussels in an international workshop about Corporate Social Responsibility


The Extremaduran public organization FUNDECYT-PCTEX takes part in the event along with the DESUR Project, an initiative led by Extremadura in a consortium of 7 countries with the aim of promoting CSR in the system and whose results have placed the region in a demanding European context The Extremaduran managers of the DESUR project have […]

The DESUR project puts Extremaduran SMEs on the European map as “socially responsible enterprises”


Extremadura leads, through the foundation FUNDECYT-PCTEx, this European initiative that promotes Corporate Social Responsibility through a study in 61 companies from seven European countries of the three pillars of sustainability: people, economic benefits and environment The head office of the Extremaduran public entity has hosted a conference in which the first results of the European […]